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Ansible Tower enables centralized access, execution, inventory and reporting for Ansible automation.  With Tower, administrators can define job templates that call playbooks and execute against a specified inventory.

  • Drag-and-drop into blueprint machine components via vRA CM Framework

  • Executed at the VM lifecycle via CM Framework (provision and de-provision)

  • Provide the ability to override credential selection using credentials defined in Tower 

  • Multiple vRA/vRO instances and multi-tenant support   

To see our Ansible Tower vRA Module for our SovLabs Core Plug-in, click here 

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  • Drag-and-drop into blueprint machine components via vRA CM Framework
  • Support late binding (at request) and early binding (in blueprint) options
  • Ability to filter on team and project
  • Executed at the VM lifecycle via CM Framework (provision and de-provision)
  • Ability to override credential selection using credentials defined in Tower
  • Ability to override inventory, default based on job template
  • Ability to supply extra vars, as a JSON or YAML formatted string which can include variables given by the user, including answers to survey questions.
  • Extra vars can be templated via SovLabs Template Engine.
  • Supports vSphere and AWS machine types
  • Supports single or multi-machine, including nested blueprints
  • Multiple vRA/vRO instances and multi-tenant support
  • SovLabs Template Engine allows for static text in combination with dynamic content such as vRA custom properties and/or custom logic


  • Ability to define one or more vRA endpoints for Ansible Tower that can each map to a specific Dynamic Inventory
  • Ability to filter inventory based on vRA constructs (e.g. network, component name, or any VM property)
  • Ability to include meta data (vRA properties, request data, vRA constructs, etc.) for each machine
  • Ability to include existing/previously deployed vRA inventory into Ansible Tower to enable management of vRA deployed inventory via Tower Configurable caching for dynamic inventory (additive caching, cache expiration, page size, etc.)
  • Inventoried VMs have a complete list of vRA properties, deployment and request data, vRA constructs, etc., which can be used to dynamically determine which playbooks to run, values to be written into files, etc.
  • Streamlined Dynamic Inventory setup process includes support for automatic creation of Organization, Inventory, Group, and Inventory Script within Ansible Tower from vRA
  • vRealize Automation – Enterprise – 7.5.x
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Ansible Tower 3.x