Ansible Tower Plug-in for vRA CM Framework from SovLabs

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Ansible Tower enables centralized access, execution, inventory and reporting for Ansible automation.  With Tower, administrators can define job templates that call playbooks and execute against a specified inventory.

With the Ansible Tower plug-in powered by SovLabs and the Config Management Framework in vRealize Automation (vRA), it's now possible to "drag and drop" and associate job templates directly with machines in the vRealize blueprint canvas.  Blueprint designers can also configure the integration to prompt the requester to choose the job template at request time.

Additionally, with the SovLabs-provided Dynamic Inventory for Ansible Tower, machines from vRA can be organized into custom-defined inventories, with dynamic group layout and fully-populated metadata representing related vRA custom properties, enabling more data-driven scenarios and "smarter" playbooks.

To see our Ansible Tower vRA Module for our SovLabs Core Plug-in, click here


  • Drag-and-drop into blueprint machine components via vRA CM Framework
  • Support late binding (at request) and early binding (in blueprint) options
  • Ability to filter on team and project
  • Executed at the VM lifecycle via CM Framework (provision and de-provision)
  • Ability to override credential selection using credentials defined in Tower
  • Ability to override inventory, default based on job template
  • Ability to supply extra vars, as a JSON or YAML formatted string which can include variables given by the user, including answers to survey questions.
  • Extra vars can be templated via SovLabs Template Engine.
  • Supports vSphere and AWS machine types
  • Supports single or multi-machine, including nested blueprints
  • Multiple vRA/vRO instances and multi-tenant support
  • SovLabs Template Engine allows for static text in combination with dynamic content such as vRA custom properties and/or custom logic
  • Ability to define one or more vRA endpoints for Ansible Tower that can each map to a specific Dynamic Inventory
  • Ability to filter inventory based on vRA constructs (e.g. network, component name, or any VM property)
  • Ability to include meta data (vRA properties, request data, vRA constructs, etc.) for each machine
  • Ability to include existing/previously deployed vRA inventory into Ansible Tower to enable management of vRA deployed inventory via Tower Configurable caching for dynamic inventory (additive caching, cache expiration, page size, etc.)
  • Inventoried VMs have a complete list of vRA properties, deployment and request data, vRA constructs, etc., which can be used to dynamically determine which playbooks to run, values to be written into files, etc.
  • Streamlined Dynamic Inventory setup process includes support for automatic creation of Organization, Inventory, Group, and Inventory Script within Ansible Tower from vRA
  • vRealize Automation – Enterprise – 7.5.x
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Ansible Tower 3.x
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